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  • In Washington State, a King County Superior Court judge has granted class-action certification for a lawsuit charging Wal-Mart with systematically requiring employees to work off the clock, saving the company millions of dollars in wages.

    The class-action lawsuit spans nine years and covers about 40,000 current and former employees.

    Wal-Mart has denied the charges, but reportedly has not decided whether to appeal the class action ruling.

  • A Los Angeles area citizens organization, dubbed Save Our Community, has filed suit against Wal-Mart and the city of Rosemead over the retailer’s plans to open a supercenter there. The suit asks that an environmental impact report filed about the planned store be voided, and a new report ordered that will focus to a greater extent on the effect that a new Wal-Mart would have on public safety.

    Wal-Mart says that there is broad support for the project within the community, and that the lawsuit has been prompted by labor unions, which oppose the non-unionized retailer.

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