business news in context, analysis with attitude CEO Jeff Bezos reportedly will be getting an award in October – not for his considerable Internet contributions, but from PEN USA, the national writers’ organization.

In announcing the award, PEN said, "We believe that Jeff Bezos' creation of forever changed the commercial landscape of literature has dramatically leveled the playing field for small presses and self-published writers."
KC's View:
This really isn’t a retailing story, but it is interesting because it vividly illustrates the kind of contribution that a retailer can make to society. In a perfect world, retailers don’t just sell stuff – they contribute to the strength of the economy, they help people be aspirational in their shopping habits, they educate and enlighten consumers, and they can create a highest-common-denominator atmosphere.

Besides, we like Bezos and we like PEN. After all, we write for a living…and in a way, operate a small press as a self-publisher.