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  • The Dallas Morning News reports that Wal-Mart took over the city’s convention center this week, constructing a temporary Supercenter and Sam’s Club there that were “decked out” for the upcoming Christmas holidays.

    Some 15,000 Wal-Mart associates were invited to view the “stores” in two sessions of 7,500 each; security was tight, with identification badges required to get it.

    The goal of the exercise – get input from store personnel about store displays and product choices, so that the buying and merchandising staffs can make last-minute adjustments.

KC's View:
Gosh. A big company that invites input from store personnel. And probably even takes it seriously.

Radical notions, eh?

(We’re not being sarcastic here, believe it or not. For many big retailers – not to mention some small and medium-sized ones, going to this kind of trouble to get this kind of input is a foreign concept.)