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  • We’re going to do something this week that we’ve never done before in this space – recommend a great book that you can read to your kids.

    It is entitled “Love That Dog,” by Sharon Creech, and it is a wonderful novel about a young boy, Jack, and his teacher, Miss Stretchberry. The book unfolds as a series of journal responses from Jack to his teacher…and it is funny, touching, and amazingly involving. It’s great for kids in second through fifth grades…and adults of all ages.

    Get it, sit down with your kid, and read it aloud. You can thank us later.

  • As for movies, we recommend that you go out and see “Collateral” this weekend…a terrifically hard-boiled thriller about a hit man (Tom Cruise) and the unwitting cabby (Jamie Foxx) he hires to drive him through Los Angeles one night as he sets out to assassinate five people. Cruise is tough as nails, Foxx is every bit his equal onscreen in a part that is arguably tougher and more complex, and the movie is directed with customary panache by Michael Mann, who has created such distinctive looking entertainments as “Miami Vice,” “Thief,” “Heat,” “Ali,” and "Manhunter," as well as our personal favorite in his oeuvre, “The Insider.” Good stuff.

  • Tasted a couple of nice white wines this week (though we have to admit to looking forward to the cooler weather when the reds we are stockpiling will seem more appropriate).

    We had a 2002 Tramin Pinot Bianco from Italy that we loved; while the first taste was a bit sharp, it smoothed out quickly and then quickly went down smoothly. Really good, especially with seafood.

    Also very nice, especially as an aperitif on a hot summer night, is the crispy and zesty 2002 Robert Mondavi Private Selection Sauvignon Blanc. Yummm….

Have a good weekend! Sláinte!!
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