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Crain's Chicago Business reports that Kraft Foods is embarking on a program with a California vending company that will create machines called “Kraft Carry-Out Cafes,” featuring hot food that will be cooked in 90 seconds or less.

Among the items that will be available over time: hot pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches, hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, and warm Oreo brownies.

While Kraft has vending machines selling hot pizzas in hotels, on college campuses and on military bases around the country, this marks the first time it will sell a variety of SKUs carrying different brand names. The goal, according to reports, is to place the machines in a wide variety of venues, including Home Depot and various c-store chains.

According to Crain’s, most of the machines will be in the Northeast and Southeast U.S. and Southern California, and the price point on the items sold from the machines will average between $2.25 and $2.50.
KC's View:
We firmly believe that the vending industry is going to help revolutionize the way people buy food in this country, allowing companies to place their products in an enormous number of locations that are convenient for consumers…convenient in ways that the traditional supermarket won’t even begin to be able to imitate.

It’ll be vending machines that sell healthier food, or hot food, or gallons of milk and bread, or eggs, or virtually anything you could possibly want. And the financial upside for companies that invest in these technologies – positioning themselves to cater to the customers of the future – will be almost limitless.

And the people who think this is no big deal…well, they’ll be left in the dust of irrelevance. After all, the college students who are being trained to use these machines are the same college students who will be the customers of the future.