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The Indianapolis Star reports that a just-opened Meijer store in Noblesville, Indiana, seems to be generating enthusiasm among consumers with a new, more upscale, 209,000-square-foot format. “There is, for instance, the candy counter to cater to cravings for Jamaican rum chocolates, hand painted candy slices and dark chocolate truffles,” the paper reports. “In the bakery, there are fresh-made chocolate croissants, blueberry muffins and a counter full of low-carb offerings like cranberry focaccia. A large area in the grocery is devoted to wines and cheeses.”

In addition, the store features a layout that management believes will be more easily navigated, and a design package that makes it more palatable to consumers – all part of a new look designed for Meijer by New York architect David Rockwell.

Five more Meijer stores sporting the new design are opening this year in the Midwest, and another nine are under development to open next year. The strategy is part of Meijer’s effort to re-establish its dominance in the region, which has been under attack by Wal-Mart.
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