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USA Today reports that a major vending machine company plans to install at least 7,500 units that sell only nutritious food and drink in dozens of cities around the country over the next five years. Canteen Vending Services will begin by installing hundreds of such machines 11 cities — including New York, Chicago, Boston and San Francisco.

Among the items in the improved selection: fresh melon and berry fruit cups, turkey and reduced-fat Swiss cheese wraps, granola bars, and vitamin-enhanced water.

In addition to these units, the company said that it will improve the selection in all 160,000 machines that it operates around the country, making sure that at least 15 percent of the products offered are more nutritious.
KC's View:
It will be interesting to see how sales pan out in the machines offering both traditional vending items and the healthier variety. Will the 15 percent of products labeled as healthier account of 15 percent of sales? More? Less?