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Go figure.

Friday we reported from Rome that the Vatican announced that while it regrets the Inquisition it wanted to establish that in fact fewer witches were burned at the stake and fewer people tortured into religious conversions than previously believed.

We commented: Well, this former altar boy is glad they’ve cleared that up. Though we’re glad they waited until after Mel Brooks’ “History of the World, Part One,” a terrible movie that has one great scene – a Busby Berkeley-style song-and-dance number called, naturally, “The Inquisition.” (We were going to reprint the lyrics, but thought better of it - they might offend even more people than usual.)

Well, we managed to offend a whole bunch of people…but only because we said we didn’t like “History of the World Part 1.” We got a ton of email telling us that this Mel Brooks movie was “a favorite,” and “one of the funniest movies ever made.” And folks questioned whether our taste in movies is earthy enough…

Sue us. We love Mel Brooks movies, but not “History of the World.” Though it certainly is a helluva lot better than “Spaceballs.”

But it heartens us that the MNB user base is made up of folks who love these kinds of movies.
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