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  • MNB reported last Friday that Haggen Inc. in Washington State had decided to leave Supervalu for a new wholesaler; later in the day, it was revealed that Haggen is forming a new alliance with Associated Grocers Inc.

    AG will become the primary supplier of Haggen Food & Pharmacy and TOP Food & Drug’s grocery and meat products. "This relationship is unique in that, not only does it provide Haggen with the benefits of self supply but the advantages of a strong wholesale partner as well", said Dale C. Henley, president and CEO of Haggen, Inc. "With this new alliance we have greater flexibility to execute our marketing objectives and provide our guests with more locally based products and services."

  • Reuters reports that selected McDonald’s around the country are using self-service kiosks to speed up the ordering process. In certain cases, where the kiosks are available, 70 percent of customers are using the technology – getting their food faster and more accurately.

  • Wendy’s is testing nine versions of a new format – one that has no indoor seating and only walk-up and drive-up windows. The stores are about one-third of the size of traditional Wendy’s units, use about half the number of employees, but also feature a full menu.

    The company expects that once the format is perfected and rolled out, it could account for between six and seven percent of the new stores opened each year by Wendy’s.

  • Bacardi reportedly has reached a deal to acquire Grey Goose Vodka from Sidney Frank Importing. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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