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Newsweek reports that convicted felon Martha Stewart plans to ask the sentencing judge to shorten her jail sentence, allowing her to work up to one thousand hours for the nonprofit Women’s Venture Fund (WVF) helping low income and minority women become entrepreneurs.

Of course, the request will only be made if Stewart’s attorneys can’t convince the judge to throw out her conviction for conspiracy, lying to federal agents and obstructing the ImClone stock-scandal investigation.
KC's View:
Actually, we think this is a great idea…and said so several months ago.

We firmly believe that little is served by putting Stewart in a jail cell, with the possible exception that she’ll help some prison somewhere to improve its foodservice offerings and maybe the décor.

No, it makes a lot more sense to say that for a given period of time she can’t work for a salary, and has to work full-time teaching entrepreneurialism to low income and minority citizens. (We suspect that full-time and without salary isn’t exactly what Stewart has in mind, but that’d be our suggestion.)

One of the things that Stewart reportedly plans to do is create a curriculum on the art and science of cleaning. Which is really, really funny…and almost too bizarre to make up.