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The Toledo Blade reports that Kroger, Meijer and Giant Eagle are seeing strong success in that market (and probably elsewhere) with various programs that offer shoppers discounts on gasoline purchased at the chains’ own petrol stations – a high effective sales tool in a time of seemingly out-of-control fuel prices.

"It is very timely, appropriate, and well-used," Dale Hollandsworth, a Kroger spokesman, told the paper.

The programs offer discounts or rebates on gasoline sales linked either to the purchase of specific products from the stores (funded by the manufacturer) or to simply reaching a certain transaction level.

According to the companies operating the programs, not only are consumers beginning to choose supermarkets based on the gasoline discounts, but there is burgeoning interest on the part of manufacturers in funding such initiatives.
KC's View:
We’ve noticed a couple of Costco gas stations recently with long lines at their gas pumps…which seemed like a pretty obvious choice if you’re looking for less expensive gas.

Though it is all relative. We also saw an independent gas station the other day with a line down the street…all because it was selling gas for $2.15 per gallon for regular unleaded. $2.15! Everyone else on the street was $2.22, and that nickel per gallon was perceived as a real savings.