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  • Published reports note that New York food retailers have begun a concerted campaign to get the legislature to legalize the sale of wine and liquor in supermarkets.

    While state laws prohibiting liquor sales in supermarkets date back to Prohibition, retailers believe that a change in the law could generate as much as $130 million more in annual wine sales – and, of course, generate new tax dollars for financially strapped state coffers.

    Opposing the law are many small wine merchants, who see the potential for their businesses vanishing if supermarkets suddenly got into the act.

  • The US Supreme Court has decided that it will rule on whether states can prohibit out-of-state wineries from shipping alcohol directly to consumers.

    About half the states currently prevent such shipments.

    To a certain extent, the argument seems to be between big wholesalers and small vineyards. The major wholesalers often prefer the laws to stay as is because it allows them to control the flow and pricing of product. Small vineyards, however, would like to be able to use the Internet to market their products nationally.

KC's View:
We’re rooting for the small vineyards on this one, because it would enable consumers like us to expand the range of wines we’re able to sample.

It’s selfish…but at least we’re honest about it.