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  • Hormel Foods Corp. named its next CEO, promoting company veteran Jeffrey Ettinger to be its president and COO.

    Ettinger is slated to succeed Hormel CEO Joel Johnson, who has said he plans to retire during the second half of 2005.

    "This is totally consistent with what we've been planning for at least five years," Johnson. "It was my desire to retire as CEO at about 62. This sets up that transition so we have a smooth plan in place for Jeff to take over at that time."

  • Portland based United States Bakery named Marc Albers to be the company’s President and COO. Outgoing president Bob Albers, will remain CEO and Chairman of the Board.

    In addition, Barry Ware will be Vice President of Bakery Operations, Todd Cornwell will become Vice President of Sales Operations and Ken Waltos has been promoted to Vice President of Purchasing.

KC's View:
We’ve always liked Joel Johnson…especially since we jogged in Stockholm with him a few years ago at a CIES Summit. Good guy…and big shoes for Ettinger to fill.

(“Jogging with Joel Johnson in Stockholm.” How’s that for shameless name dropping…?)