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USA Today reports this morning that there’s a new fast food chain working to find its way into the American consciousness - Cereality Cereal Bar & Café, which will offer “about 30 hot or cold cereals; 34 toppings; seven types of flavored and unflavored milk; cereal-and-yogurt-based smoothies (Slurrealities); and fresh-baked breakfast bars.”

The paper notes that employees wearing pajama tops will help consumers “construct their own mixes and store the formula in an on-site computer for their next visit. Or they can buy a prepackaged designer mix such as Devil Made Me Do It, consisting of Cocoa Puffs, Lucky Charms and chocolate-milk-flavored crystals, topped with malt balls.”

A basic cereal meal - two scoops of cereal, one topping and milk - will cost about $4. It gets served in a carton that looks like it should contain Chinese food.

After a successful eight-month test at Arizona State University, the owners of the format are now prepared to roll it out, with the first unit expected to be open by fall.
KC's View:
We have to be honest. Our first reaction to this story was that it was the dumbest idea we’d ever heard of.

But the more we think about it, the more we think that these guys could be onto something. Cereal is the ultimate food, and its not like they’re investing in a lot of new technology to create these particular products. The stuff already comes in boxes and cartons, and they’re just providing a new place to get it.

As a novelty, it’ll probably be a big hit. Hard to say if it’ll have legs.

But one thing we’d be worried about if we owned Cereality would be that Kellogg’s or General Mills might decide to get into the business.