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In an “Emerging Trends” piece last week, Forbes reported that “food service, apparel and other consumer companies are targeting mothers with a range of campaigns designed to appeal both to their sense of responsibility and their sense of nostalgia.”

These moms are different than their predecessors in that they may be trying to juggle family and professional concerns in a way different than their moms. “The younger generation of mothers, many of them the latchkey offspring of over-committed super-moms, are returning to more traditional family modes,” according to the Forbes report. Successful marketers, the report suggests, will find ways to appeal to both priorities – providing moms with products that reflect both traditional values while meeting modern needs.
KC's View:
The only problem we have with this report is the suggestion that the last generation of moms – the baby boomers – somehow weren’t trying to balance these two sets of priorities. They were…and they continue to.

Sometimes, marketing research people forget that almost every trend is cyclical. Wait long enough, and the only trends always come back.