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The Wall Street Journal reports that a Chicago bankruptcy judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by Kmart against some 500 local governments that sought to get more than eight million dollars in owed property taxes forgiven.

The retailer had said that it shouldn’t have to pay the taxes because they accrued during its bankruptcy, but the judge said he did not have jurisdiction in the case.

Kmart does have the right to refile the case, and its attorney said that remains a possibility.
KC's View:
If Kmart refiles this claim, its managers are even dumber than we thought.

It was bad enough to tell these communities that Kmart, which depends on consumer support, didn’t want to pay taxes that would go to underwrite things like schools. But now that the judge has tossed the case, it would be a colossal blunder of deaf-dumb-and-blind proportions to refile.