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Lovely final meal last night in Dublin's Temple Bar district, which thankfully was a little quieter than usual because it was a Monday night.

(One of the things that we've noticed that has changed about Dublin since we lived here back during the summer of 1977 is the youth of the city…during the evenings, especially, the streets seem overrun by roving packs of young people looking for the next great party. A surprisingly high percentage of these young people seem to be females - dressed to kill, and moving through the city with a level of confidence that seemed rather daunting. Even the young men seemed to be giving them space, as one would a great white shark.)

We went to an interesting little restaurant called Eden that overlooks Meeting House Square - one of several modern buildings nestled among the antiquities. We had an amazingly succulent appetizer - oven baked vine tomatoes stuffed with lentils, ricotta cheese, basil and parma ham - that simply melted in our mouth. The fish pie was hearty peasant food, thick with chunks of cod, salmon, prawns and mussels, with some veggies thrown in for good measure. The wine was a tangy little number, a 2002 peter Lehman Grenache from Australia, and dessert was a crème brulee made with white grapes and ginger.

Then it was a walk home along the Liffey in the cool night breeze, thinking about the meals we've eaten and people we've met over the past week on the road. In coming days, we'll be musing more about those here in this space…

    Reading departure signs in some big airport
    Reminds me of the places I've been.
    Visions of good times that brought so much pleasure
    Makes me want to go back again…

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