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The Irish Independent reports on how Senator Feargal Quinn, founder of Superquinn and retailing icon, admitted to the senate that he indulged in a little misdirection back in 1960, when he first opened a supermarket.

Concerned about shoplifting, Quinn "invented a detective agency," putting up signs in his store that said, 'For your protection, these premises are guarded by the IDA . . . the Irish Detective Agency'. No such thing existed."

Quinn was speaking in the debate on the Bill to regulate the private security industry. "I am saying mea culpa," he said.
KC's View:
Someone sent us this clip, apparently as a way of tarnishing the luster on Feargal Quinn's reputation. We think Quinn deserves kudos for ingenuity - he was using clever marketing to dissuade the ungodly, which was a benefit to consumers.