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Bozzuto's, the Connecticut-based wholesaler, announced yesterday that, in the wake of Fleming's bankruptcy and the territory swap between Supervalu and C&S Wholesale Grocer, it acquired 177 new customers in 2003 and already 19 more in 2004.

Bozzuto's also acquired accounts previously serviced by bankrupt Penn Traffic in upstate New York. The new customers are located in Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, and Pennsylvania.
KC's View:
It's nice to see that even as there are so many problems in the wholesale sector, a company like Bozzuto's is growing.

One has to assume that the company would be growing even it didn’t do anything. After all, it has a longtime reputation for being a service-oriented organization, which gives it a different position in the marketplace than C&S, which has less of a service-driven profile. But based on the people we've spoken to, the company is working hard to build its solution-driven approach, helping independent retailers come up with marketing plans to compete with much larger companies.

There's no way to survive in the current retailing environment if you don't do these sorts of things.