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The Detroit Free Press reports that there is a certain amount of expectation in the Motor City about the Food Basics stores that are expected to replace at least some of the Farmer Jack units that are being closed by A&P, the parent company that owns both banners.

"Food Basics stocks fewer items than a full-service grocery, offering a mix of national and private-label brands," the paper reports. "The stores sell fresh meat and produce, but do not have delis or bakeries." And while shoppers have to bag their own groceries and even bring their own shopping bags, the paper reports that in other markets where Food Basics stores have opened, the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive because of the low prices they offer on both branded consumer packaged goods and private label items.

A&P has said that it will be expediting its conversion of underperforming stores to the Food basics concept, and the Detroit market seems to be an ideal region in which to implement the strategy.
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