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A few weeks ago, while traveling in the Pacific Northwest, we picked up a bottle of 2000 Lemberger made by the Whidbey Island Winery in Washington.

Now, we'd never heard of a Lemberger. We were intrigued because there's a neat little town on Whidbey Island called Coupeville, which was founded by a sea captain named Thomas Coupe. (Thomas happens to be our grandfather's name, and our middle name.)

Well, we finally tried it…and it was terrific. The winery's site describes Lemberger as a "delicious, productive and cold hardy grape variety from Germany and Austria that thrives in eastern Washington, which is the only place in the US it is grown. While its name doesn't exactly make it fly off the shelf, don't be put off, it is well worth a try. It is a medium bodied wine with spicy black pepper, toasty oak, and creamy cherry and blackberry flavors. Try it with grilled foods, lamb, pasta or pizza, or BBQ salmon. Bright and rambunctious when young, silky and complex with age."

"Bright and rambunctious" is right. Not to mention "yummy."

Try it if you can find it. You won't be disappointed.

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