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The Stamford Advocate reports that Wal-Mart is looking to build a two-story, 300,000-sq. ft. retail complex in that Connecticut city that will include a 150,000 sq. ft, supercenter and a Sam's Club of equal size, taking up roughly two-thirds of a proposed combined retail/residential development.

The facility - which still must be approved by land use boards - would occupy 4.2 acres on what is now an enormous hole in the ground - and will compete with both an existing mall across the street and a new, 200,000 sq. ft. Target Store being built a few blocks away.

The move is part of Wal-Mart's strategy to open stores in more upscale areas, and to use urban properties more creatively.
KC's View:
It so happens we know this plot of land very well. Back in the days when we ran editorial for the old Supermarket Insights video program, our office window looked out on that ugly, gaping hole - and that was well over a decade ago. We suspect that the city fathers will approve the development, simply because they don't have any other options to what has become both an eyesore and a joke.

That said, we would question what this development will do to traffic on an already overburdened series of streets.