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  • The Rocky Mountain News reports that despite the fact that Supervalu shutting down its nine Cub Foods units - selling five of them to Kroger's King Soopers division - it will continue to have a presence in the market through its limited assortment Save-A-Lot franchise.

    There are two of the units currently operating in Colorado, with a third opening on November 5.

  • USA Today reports that Monsanto plans to initiate a "three-phase soybean breeding project that it hopes will create a trans-fat-free product."

    The paper reports that this means "the possibility of a new generation of saturated- and trans-fat-free chips, cakes, cookies and fries full of heart-healthy oils at fast-food outlets and on grocery shelves."

  • Bozzuto's Inc., the Cheshire, Connecticut-based wholesale food distributor, has been recognized as a "Connecticut Treasure" by Lieutenant Governor Jodi Rell for providing disaster relief in wake of Hurricane Isabel last month. "Connecticut Treasure" awards are being given out each month to recognize individuals and/or groups making extraordinary volunteer contributions to the community.

    In accepting the award, company CEO Michael Bozzuto recognized Gary Boehnert - the company truck driver who volunteered to drive the truck down to North Carolina with the supplies.

KC's View:
At a time when so much negative press is being given to labor/management relations, and when some in management would paint employees as liabilities preventing them from being competitive, we thought it made sense to include a good news story in this morning's MNB. Every company has a Gary Boehnert…and it's about time that more of them get recognized.