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The Wall Street Journal reports that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has begun talking to restaurant industry officials about a set of national standards for nutritional information displays. Any move in this direction, however, would have to be voluntary since FDA has no authority to regulate the restaurant industry.

These discussions are part of FDA's ongoing efforts to grapple with the obesity crisis in America.

According to the WSJ report, "Lee Culpepper, senior vice president for government affairs at the National Restaurant Association, says the group's view is neutral. ' We're going to dialogue with FDA and see what they're thinking, and what they might propose, and then we can react.'"
KC's View:
Tough subject. We can imagine seeing nutritional info at McDonald's or Applebee's…but next time we're eating at Etta's Seafood in Seattle, having to look at nutritional information on the menu could be a real downer…