business news in context, analysis with attitude announced the introduction of a new service "Search Inside The Book," which will allow online shoppers to search the full text inside more than 120,000 books, or more than 33 million pages of searchable text.

Customers can also preview the inside text of these books. Search Inside the Book is integrated into's standard search and includes books from all genres.

"Innovation drives customer experience, and Search Inside the Book is a great example," said Jeff Bezos, the company's founder and CEO. "With the help of publishers, we're offering a completely new way for people to find the books they want."
KC's View:
Think about the implications for the food business. Shouldn’t someone have a database where you could type in a specific ingredient, and then get a readout on all the various products that contain it?

Makes sense to us.

Of course, we'll probably get 47 emails by Monday telling us about how this database exists and where to find it, proving once again that we're not as smart as we think we are.

But we're a glutton for punishment.