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A new Rand Corp. research study suggests that the number of American adults who are at least 100 pounds overweight - formally classified as "extremely obese" - has quadruped over the past two decades, currently reaching about four million or one out of every 50 adults. The rate of growth of extreme obesity actually has been twice as great as of non-extreme obesity.

The study also maintains that contrary to popular belief that extreme obesity is a rare and unusual condition, in fact extreme obesity stems from the same basic habits - too much eating and too little exercise - that contribute to less severe weight problems.
KC's View:
The biggest obstacle to extremely obese people trying to lose weight? Reportedly, it is trying to give them enough hope to keep trying.

Supermarkets and other food retailers have not traditionally seen themselves as being in the business of selling hope. But maybe, in the current environment, they need to start thinking that way.