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The Wall Street Journal reports that while wine consumption has grown in both the US and UK over the past decade, vintners are aware that most of this growth has come because of the changing habits of aging baby boomers. "With roughly 70 million Americans reaching the legal drinking age in the coming decade," the WSJ reports, "vintners want to build new brand loyalty, and want to do so by using "sexy lifestyle marketing."

They’re also looking to events that can educate 25-35 year old drinkers, sponsoring wine tastings in trendy nightclubs, and wine tasting courses in conjunction for graduate students.
KC's View:
There could be all sorts of advantages in this sort of approach, not the least of which is the fact that it isn’t all that likely that students are going to look to get smashed on a bottle of 2001 Australian Shiraz. Maybe it'll teach a little moderation, and a better appreciation for good food and wine pairings.