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  • Virginia-based K-VA-T Food Stores announced that it will begin rolling out category-specific dollar sections in its stores, incorporating the value concept into a number of packaged grocery sections throughout the store.

    The goal is to have it in all 90 stores by the end of the year.

    The company found that breaking up the dollar format into a variety of categories generated more sales than just having one dollar section in the stores that carried a number of categories.

  • Bloomberg reports that a Delaware judge has dismissed a lawsuit brought against Martha Stewart and the directors of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia that had accused the style doyenne of hurting her company with the activities that led to charges against her for obstruction of justice.

    The judge said that the company had no legal compunction to monitor Stewart's personal activities, which federal authorities allege included the inside stock trade of $228,000 in ImClone Systems stock in 2001.

  • Connecticut-based wholesaler Bozutto’s announced that it will become the supplier of grocery, perishables and specialty food for the 41-store National Wholesale Liquidators.

  • The Associated Press reports that the Clos du Bois winery is launching J. Garcia wines, featuring the Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia's artwork on its labels.

    Garcia's artwork already has been on t-shirts and neckties.

KC's View:
The ongoing merchandising of his artwork indeed must be making Garcia one of the grateful dead, since he died of a heart attack back in 1995.