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In what some perceive as a naked attempt to strike back at Wal-Mart for being restrictive about what magazines it sells in its stores, Playboy magazine has issued an open invitation to female employees of the company to submit pictures of themselves either nude or in bikinis so that they might be considered for a "Women of Wal-Mart" pictorial.

Playboy said in a statement that it "wants Wal-Mart's sexiest assets to roll back their clothes and pose nude. It doesn't matter if the employee is a part-time cashier or a corporate officer, as long as she is a current Wal-Mart employee who is 18 or older." This follows a promotion earlier this year in which Playboy asked readers to submit their "Wal-Mart sexcapades," which reportedly generated more than 900 submissions. Some of them are on the company's website, with titles such as "Clean-up in Women's Intimates" and "Stockroom Boom".

Wal-Mart hardly is the first institution to be targeted by Playboy. In recent months, the magazine has featured "The Women of Starbucks" and "The Women of Enron."

Wal-Mart spokeswoman Sarah Clark told Reuters that the offer "is something that we have never even considered. If there happens to be any interest from an associate (to pose), we will look into it at that time."
KC's View:
We're sure they will look into any associate who poses…and then find a reason to fire their naked butts ASAP.

Wal-Mart doesn't seem like the kind of company that would have a sense of humor about this project (unlike, say, MNB)…it conflicts too much with its wholesome, Middle- America image.

We also suspect that the pictorial will be heavy on the part-time cashiers and a little light on the corporate officers…though one can always hope.

Ultimately, management at the Bentonville Behemoth shouldn't worry. People only read Playboy for the articles…