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USA Today reports this morning on a study from the NPD Group that suggests Americans are skipping dessert more and more frequently - "the number of in-home dinner meals that include dessert has dropped 6 percentage points from 1990 to 2003, and only 15 percent of suppers now include a dessert item," according to the report. In addition, dessert sales at restaurants are off two percent from last year.

However, the report says that concerns about health and obesity are not at the core of the shift. Rather, it is more an issue of convenience - parents don't have the time to make desserts, and children don't have the time to eat them.

In restaurants, people seem to be skipping dessert in part to save money, in part because bigger meals are giving them less room for a final course.
KC's View:
Desserts may be down…but we wonder about the consumption of late night snacks. We wouldn't be surprised if people are just delaying dessert and having it at a later time.