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  • Published reports say that once Supervalu acquires a former Fleming warehouse in Waukesha, Wisconsin, from C&S Wholesale Grocers, it plans to shut the facility down and transfer its business to an underused facility that it owns in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. September 12 is the tentative date for the deal.

  • In Singapore, McDonald's Corp is suing a company that sells items called MacNoodles, MacTea and MacChocolate, saying that the terms "Mac" and "Mc" are a fundamental feature of McDonald's products such as McNuggets and McChicken.

  • Add the state of Washington to the list of places where an unusually hot summer should result in a grape harvest that makes for some memorable wines.

    Because higher heat causes grapes to ripen with a high sugar content, and thus produce a more intense and aromatic wine, Washington joins a number of other regions - including France and Italy - in expecting a great vintage this year.

  • The local media has been buzzing about the new Whole Foods Market that has opened in Las Vegas, its first in that market.

    One local columnist wrote, "The store has towering displays of colorful fresh fruits and vegetables; a big seafood section (with fresh seafood delivered six days a week) modeled on Seattle's Pike Street Market; an extensive meat department with the usual as well as things such as buffalo and venison; aisles of groceries both natural and organic and not; an impressive wine department; a selection of 300 cheeses; and the Whole Body section, with everything from books to lotions and an aromatherapy counter where you can mix your own formulas…."

    But MNB was curious if the Whole Foods had something else common to Las Vegas - slot machines.

    So, we called and asked. And after the clerk on the phone stopped laughing, she said no, there was no gambling at Whole Foods. "But that's about the only thing we don't have," she said.

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