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MSNBC reports on a new study conducted by Sloan Trends & Solutions and released by the Institute of Food Technologists, revealing that the "easy-to-serve, easy-to-clean trend" remains a prime motivator in American culinary life.

It isn’t that people have stopped eating at home, according to the study. It’s just that consumers want prepared, lightly processed and frozen foods that require little in terms of preparation, cooking and clean up.

Among the hot items, according to the study: one-item meals, "bundles" of product that match up meats, sauces and spices, pre-cooked items such as meatballs, and single serve packages of milk and cheese.
KC's View:
Well, we've managed to boil a long report down to about 100 words, but the basic conclusion shouldn't surprise anyone.

What retailers need to do is continually surprise their shoppers. Convenience certainly is important, but when the savvy retailer can combine that with some aggressive marketing, innovative thinking, and flawless delivery…well, that's when things really start to change.