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  • Fresh Brands, Inc. announced that Richard C. Taggart has been named president and CEO of its Dick's Supermarkets, Inc. subsidiary. Taggart succeeds Robert Brodbeck, who resigned for personal reasons.

    Brodbeck has served as president of Dick's Supermarkets since 1976. He joined the company in 1950 at the age of 14 when his parents, Dick and Helen Brodbeck, opened the first Dick's Supermarket on Main Street in Platteville, Wisconsin.

    Taggart has been controller at Dick’s since he joined the company in 1985.

KC's View:
Beyond Dick's, what Bob Brodbeck leaves the food industry is an enduring legacy about the importance of testing new technologies and the willingness to share information and learning with other companies.

From a number of perspectives - both in our work as a journalist and a couple of entrepreneurial endeavors - we learned that when anyone in the food industry had a good idea worth testing, one of the first places they'd go would be to Dick's. That's because Bob Brodbeck created an environment in which new ideas could be tested and honed, a culture in which learning through experience was a key value.

That's an all-too-rare perspective in the food industry today.