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We have two wines to recommend to you for this weekend, a white and a red…

  • The white is a 2002 Huber Gruner Vetliner "Obere Steigen" from Austria, a completely new wine to us that was recommended by our local wine merchant. It was a terrific summer wine, zingy and refreshing…and with what the experts would call a "clean, pure mineral nose." We thinks that's wine talk for "tastes good," but we're not sure.

  • The red is a 2000 Pinot Noir from the MacMurray Ranch in the Russian River Valley, served to us by a friend who invited us over to the house for a lamb dinner. We've been enjoying a lot of Pinot Noir in recent months, and this was one of the best we've had…deep and flavorful and absolutely yummy. (And yes, it comes from the vineyards started by the late actor Fred "My Three Sons" MacMurray.)

By the way, thanks to MNB user Martha J. Musil, who wrote last weekend concerned that we hadn't included a wine recommendation in our column last Friday. So, she did one for us: the Pinot Blanc from Ken Wright Cellars, which she said was enough to change her opinion of whites.

Cheers! And have a great weekend.
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