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Frito-Lay announced that as a result of its alliance with Dr. Kenneth Cooper, founder of Dallas' Cooper Aerobics Center and the man generally credited as the father of aerobics, it will introduce a new icon for some its packaging identifying certain products as "Great Taste, Smart Snack." Packages with the icon also will have specific information about fats and cholesterol.

"The key to healthy snacking is found in the foods you choose, the size of your portions and how frequently you snack," Dr. Cooper said, noting that these labels and expanding information will make it "easier for people to make smart snack choices."

Frito-Lay's baked line of Lay's, Doritos and Ruffles are the first snacks to get the label, with additional products included in coming months as appropriate.

Dr. Cooper's guidelines for a one-ounce serving include: 150 calories or less, less than 35 percent of calories from fat (usually 5 grams or less), less than 7 percent of calories from saturated fat (usually 1 gram or less), zero grams of trans-fats and 240 milligrams of sodium or less.

Frito-Lay had already said it would eliminate partially hydrogenated cooking oils from its Doritos, Tostitos and Cheetos brands, making them and the Lay's and Ruffles potato chip brands free of trans-fat oils.
KC's View:
You can just feel the momentum shifting on this issue…