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The Associated Press reports that scientists at the University of Maine have developed a blueberry burger, which stirs blueberry puree or blueberry powder into beef, chicken and turkey patties.

There are two reasons for this invention.

1. It makes the burger more nutritious and, they say, even tastier. Blueberries add cancer-fighting antioxidants to the patties and may slightly reduce the fat content of burgers. In addition, they make burgers made from drier, leaner ground beef, chicken or turkey into a juicier product.

2. It improves blueberry sales, which is important since the project is backed by $30,000 from the Wild Blueberry Association in Maine

In an environment where nutritionists are looking for all possible ways to improve the food offered at schools, the blueberry burgers are expected to be something of a hit - at least with school districts, if not with the students who eat them.

But scientists and trade associations aren't stopping here. The AP reports that there are various studies being done into the use of cherries and prunes in burger meat.
KC's View:
Prune burgers.

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