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Election officials in California's Contra Costa County announced that Wal-Mart has collected enough petition signatures to force a public referendum on a county ordinance that would restrict retailers with stores in excess of 90,000 square feet from devoting more than five percent of their floor space to non-taxable items such as groceries.

The countywide referendum could take place as early as this November.
KC's View:
This is going to be interesting.

While Wal-Mart says that it has no current plans to build such a store in the county, management said it has to fight the ordinance on principle.

But the Arkansas retailer isn’t the only one with principles. Local officials say that it is important that they be in charge of their destiny, not Wal-Mart, and some citizens seem energized by the promise of a face-off with the world's largest retailer.

Like we said, it's gonna be interesting…we love the small of napalm in the morning...