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  • Heinen's, the 15-unit, family-owned Ohio-based supermarket chain, plans to open a small-store format in an affluent Cleveland suburb late next year, according to published reports.

    The company decided to try a smaller, 20,000-sq.-ft. store because management believed that the suburb, already served by a larger unit, couldn’t support big supermarket.

  • Reuters reports that Wal-Mart Stores is considering a bid for the retailing units owned by Ahold in Brazil, Peru, and Argentina.

    Ahold is looking to sell off non-core businesses as a way to pay off part of its $12 billion (US) debt.

  • The Australian government has approved the commercial use of genetically modified canola, the first genetically altered food crop to win approval there.

    "The Australian public can be assured that our rigorous independent assessment of potential health, safety and environmental impacts has found (it to be) as safe to humans and the environment as conventional (non-GM) canola," said Australian Gene Technology Regulator Sue Meek.

  • Carrefour announced that it plans to open a chain of small-format discount outlets, ranging from 3,200 to 4,300 square feet in size, in Shanghai, China's largest city. The chain is a co-venture with a local retailer, and is geared to have products available at 10-15 percent lower prices that hypermarkets, and therefore be appealing to low income shoppers.

  • Target reportedly plans to open a temporary store at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in midtown Manhattan between August 25 and October 15, showcasing the launch of a new Isaac Mizrahi line of women's clothing. The move follows last the successful Target Holiday Boat that was docked at Chelsea Pier last November.

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