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ABC News conducted a survey revealing that if consumer products in the United States were labeled as containing genetically modified ingredients, 55 percent of those surveyed would avoid buying and eating such foods. The percentage of women who would not buy labeled GM foods is even higher - 62 percent.

In addition, the survey revealed that more than nine out of 10 consumers said that they believed that the federal government should require that food labels include information about genetically modified ingredients, even though almost half of those surveyed said that they considered GM foods to be safe.

The majority of food industry companies and the Bush administration both oppose such labels, saying that genetically modified foods meet the same safety requirements as non-GM food, and that labels would only serve to scare consumers.
KC's View:
The numbers seem absolutely clear. We believe that if research and education can back up the claim that GM foods are safe, consumers are willing to be convinced. But the focus has to be on doing the research and providing the information, not on relentlessly pursuing a public policy approach that, quite frankly, strikes us as being misguided.