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The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the Philadelphia Board of Education intends to ban the sale of soft drinks in public schools as a way of dealing with nutritional and obesity issues.

The ban won’t take effect until the city's School Reform Commission votes on an exclusive vending contract this summer, but the Inquirer says that a consensus exists on the commission to make the nutritional value of beverages a key part of the negotiations.

New York and Los Angeles are other major cities that are banning soft drink sales in schools.
KC's View:
There seems to be some evidence that the Philadelphia decision is a direct result of all the publicity that the nutrition/obesity issue has received lately - including the threat of litigation.

The paper notes that when the district advertised for vending bids earlier this year, generating more revenue was the primary goal, and that the sale of carbonated beverages was being encouraged.

But now, the district has changed its mind, with a spokesman telling the paper, "The funding side always takes a backseat to health."

Go figure.