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Two interesting pieces of news this week from the world of magazine of publishing…

  • American Magazine is making its debut in Wal-Marts around the country, being published six-times-a-year and offering what it calls a "wholesome look at everyday life in America."

    The magazine, which is independently published, essentially has gotten going because Wal-Mart agreed to carry it, and Wal-Mart accounts for roughly 15 percent of newsstand magazine sales in this country.

    The irony is that this new magazine comes out just as Wal-Mart decided not to carry three men's magazines that it deemed to be too racy, and to create racks that cover up four women's magazines that it said were too provocative.

  • Martha Stewart Omnimedia said that it would increase publication frequency of its Everyday Food to ten times a year, citing its acceptance by consumers. The move also is seen as a way for the company to establish that it is moving beyond its founder's legal troubles.

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