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  • Winn-Dixie Stores announced today that G.E. "Mickey" Clerc, Jr. will be retiring June 25 when the Company's fiscal year ends, after a long and successful career that spans back to 1961. Currently the Vice President of Public Relations, Clerc will begin a new role as a consultant to Winn-Dixie on a number of issues while enjoying a well-earned retirement. Winn-Dixie's Director of Public Relations and Promotions Kathy Lussier will assume Mickey's duties.

    "Mickey's contributions not only to Winn-Dixie, but to the communities we serve as well as the grocery industry itself, are immeasurable," said Dan Davis, Chairman of the Board of Winn-Dixie. "Winn-Dixie has trusted its image as a good corporate citizen to Mickey for literally decades, without hesitation. My family is grateful for his contribution."

  • PepsiCo has hired Paula Banks as its senior vice president for global diversity and organization partnerships, with her main goal to increase sales to minorities, as well as promote diversity within the company.

    She replaces Ronald Harrison, who until his scheduled retirement next March becomes special assistant to chairman and CEO Steve Reinemund. Banks is a former executive with BP.

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