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We have two recommendations this week, coming in the movie and wine categories:

Wine. We had a wonderful white wine last weekend, a 2001 Alkoomi Sauvignon Blanc. Our wine club describes it as a wine in which "the herbaceous spice to the nose is accented by a hint of tropical fruit" and that the "finish lingers with lemon and grassy notes." We're not sure how grassy or herbaceous it was, but it was terrific with our "Shrimp It's All Greek To Me" recipe…

We've had several Alkoomi wines lately, and have found them all to be exceptional. And the best thing we can say about this Sauvignon Blanc is that while we have largely preferred red wine over the years, wines like this one are helping us to appreciate whites.

Movies. "The Italian Job" has got a lot of things going for it. Venice locations. Donald Sutherland (who did another movie in Venice years ago, the wonderfully spooky "Don’t Look Now," directed by Nicholas Roeg). Charlize Theron. A plot that is sort of 'Mission: Impossible" meets "Ocean's 11," without seeming to be derivative of either. Charlize Theron. A neat series of car chases featuring a bunch of Mini Coopers. Did we mention Charlize Theron?

"The Italian Job" is well written, nicely acted, intelligent, doesn't feature aliens or green monsters or space ships or anything that seems to resemble a special effect, and for that alone it is worth seeing. And then, of course, there is always Charlize Theron.

Have a good weekend. We'll be spending Saturday wandering the streets of Barcelona, and then Sunday winging our way back to the states…and we'll be back Monday morning with an all new edition of MorningNewsBeat…and we'll see you then.
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