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The Associated Press reports that a $1.27 million jury award to a woman who charged that her husband died after a Wal-Mart pharmacist gave him the wrong prescription medicine has been upheld by the Arkansas Supreme Court.

The decision came after Wal-Mart appealed the original verdict on the grounds that the proof was insufficient and the award excessive.

A Wal-Mart spokesman said the company was looking at its options, but recognized the authority of the court.
KC's View:
Well, that decent of Wal-Mart to concede that the Arkansas Supreme Court has authority over it. (Maybe the company could have come up with a better way to put it…)

Actually, we're surprised by this. We didn’t think Wal-Mart ever lost cases in Arkansas.

Pay the woman. She's a widow, and she's never getting her husband back. Move on. There's no upside in taking this case any farther.