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Two interesting stories in the July 2003 issue of Runner's World that address the issue of liquid consumption…

  • Cranberry juice, as it happens, appears to be one "ticket to preventing heart disease.' According to the story on page 24, a three-month study of people with high cholesterol revealed that people who increased their intake of low-sugar cranberry juice gradually were able to increase their 'good' cholesterol by 10 percent, while increasing antioxidant levels by 121 percent - which 'corresponds to a 40 percent risk reduction for heart disease." (Regular exercise and consumption of more fruits and vegetables also are recommended.)

  • There's also a story on page 52 about our "water-obsessed culture," which describes in detail who and how people are ingesting too many fluids. This is especially true of athletes, for whom excessive fluid consumption can cause illness and even, in extreme cases, death.

KC's View:
Using stories like these as linchpins for marketing efforts can allow the retailer to become a resource of ideas and information for consumers, not just a source of product. Which we think is extremely important in the competitive environment in which we all exist.