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The New York Times reports that Procter & Gamble is changing the way it approaches the development of advertising that will appeal to the nation's African-American community, combining the efforts of these specialized campaigns and ad agencies with the broader mass-market pitches.

In addition, the NYT reports, "Procter will start sponsoring campaigns aimed at black consumers for about a dozen big brands like Bounty, Charmin, Folgers, Pampers and Pringles, which did not have separate campaigns before. That will mean a major increase in spending on such ads, which now account for a tiny fraction of Procter's annual American ad budget of $2.2 billion."

The goal, according to P&G executives, is to create a more synergistic process that sells more of its products.
KC's View:
For companies like P&G, which own so many of the categories in which they compete, a concerted effort to appeal to the minority consumer has got to be a top priority. And it isn’t just African-Americans…it is every other kind of minority, as well.

The multi-cultural marketplace is here to stay. And we're all the better for it.