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Ukrop's announced this week that it will spend $40 million to open four new stores in the Richmond, Va., area over the next two years.

Company president Bobby Ukrop said that the expansion, to a total of 31 stores in the region, is part of a "planned, steady growth."

One of the units, according to, will be a multi-level complex that has "a Family Physicians Ltd. office in addition to a First Market Bank center, dry cleaning services, café seating, banquet space, a juice and coffee bar, self-check-out lines, a drive-thru pharmacy, a wellness center and a fitness center with a spa."

According to Ukrop, "This will be 21st century, one-stop shopping in a family-friendly environment."

In addition, Ukrop said, the company will continue expanding its health and wellness foods and services, with 19 stores scheduled to have natural and organic departments within 24 months.
KC's View:
One of the best food chains in the country clearly is playing offense, not defense.

Kudos to them.