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We've been reporting in recent weeks about the nation's airlines moving in the direction of selling food during extended flights, but now it appears that they are taking this trend one step further -- by selling food in the airline clubs that until now have been virtual "no food" zones.

USA Today reports this morning that American Airlines has begun selling gourmet sandwiches in select Admirals Club locations, as is US Airways at its Pittsburgh airport club. United Airlines also is considering such a move.

Most airline clubs offer free coffee and light snacks, but prohibit bringing in outside food. Now, with all the airlines looking for ways to improve their bottom lines, they seem to realize that they have a captive audience with a need and desire for food, and the ability to pay for it.
KC's View:
As long as the food is decent and the prices not sky-high, we think this is an excellent idea. We've spent more than our fair share of hours in United's Red Carpet Club, huddled over the computer and draining coffee cup after coffee cup. A little food to soak up the caffeine seems like a good idea…