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The Chicago Sun Times reports that McDonald's is hoping to expand the distribution of its McVeggie sandwich - a meatless, soy-based patty with barbecue sauce, tomatoes, onions and pickles on a toasted whole-wheat bun.

The sandwich, which has been tested in Canada for more than a year, was introduced to Southern California last month. If it performs up to expectations, the product could be sold from all the chain's US restaurants.

The paper notes that the McVeggie sandwich has 8 grams of fat, 350 calories, and no cholesterol, but that vegetarians are wary about McDonald's because the company already has been discovered to be cooking its French fries in beef tallow, not vegetable oil -- a discovery that cost it millions in a legal settlement. This distrust is amplified by the fact that McDonald's is cooking the McVeggie on the same grill as it is cooking its beef burgers.
KC's View:
Ironically, it is reported that the meatless burger is manufactured by Hain Celestial Group at a plant in Canada -- the same country currently wrestling with a case of mad cow disease.

We've tasted the McVeggie, by the way, and the best we can report is that it tastes better than the Burger King veggie sandwich.

It is hard for us to be too critical of Mickey D's, though, because at least on this issue we think it has the right intentions. Though, you have to wonder about why it took a year of testing for the company to get to the point where it decided to expand the test.

Which gives us pause about the company's commitment.