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The Chicago Tribune reports that Ahold's Peapod Inc, the online grocery service, says that it has managed to turn a profit in the Chicago market despite the fact that it has no connection to a local supermarket chain there.

Peapod operates in five market, four of them in affiliation with Ahold-owned grocery chains: Peapod by Giant is in the Washington, D.C., area, while Peapod by Stop & Shop runs in Boston, New York and Connecticut.

In Chicago, Peapod used to work with Jewel, but scrapped that deal once it was acquired by Ahold several years ago.

Marc van Gelder, Peapod's CEO, told the Tribune that Peapod is "growing 25 percent annually, has 130,000 customers, and all of its markets except for Connecticut are profitable." He also told the paper that Ahold's accounting problems are not affecting Peapod.
KC's View:
Maybe this will convince people once and for all that "Peapod" is not a synonym for "Webvan."